Episode 20 – Wranglination


Yes, we have been gone for awhile. Scott’s laptop is broken and his desktop computer is on it’s last legs. Therefore, computer usage and editing has been difficult.

In this episode Anthony and I try to talk about creating a focus for the players in games that do not use a grid map and miniatures. We end up talking about how Will could improve the Dark Heresy game he is running by using those tools. There are some good insights in the conversation.

Links: Nerd  Fitness and Beginner Body Weight Workout, Bulletproof Executive,

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One Response to Episode 20 – Wranglination

  1. Lucek says:

    OK first I do want to give you some credit. you did admit you aren’t experts. But moving on. You perpetuated a few pieces of misinformation.

    First some compounds of soy have been shown to be mildly estrogenic and there are really preliminary studies, Animal models and correlation to back up a cancer risk. At the same time the same compounds are being studied for cancer preventing properties. At this point it is unwise to judge Soy. Having estrogenic effects on men and producing breasts is just rumor. It is no different the the rumor that meet with hormones is harmful.

    Next there is no such thing as an inferior or superior protein. Their are a number of amino acid that the human body can not produce, but require to function. Meat is what is know as a complete protein. Meaning it contains every amino acid the body requires. the only vegetable that is a complete protein is soy however the majority other still contain most of the required ones. Others like seaweed are far more protein rich then even meat and only needs slight supplementation with other plants. Mixing vegetables properly is the key there. Succotash is a prime example. Combination of corn lima beans and squash produces a complete protein.

    The key thing to consider is the calories and the dietary requirements.

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