Lost in the Aether with…The Time Crashers!


This is a short interview with three members of the Time Crashers: Nikola Tesla, Gaius Julies Caesar, and Leonardo DaVinci. We talk about muscal influences, general geek stuff, upcoming shows and plans for the band, and crazy time travelling adventures.

Catch them at upcoming shows at HellPop! Comics on Nov. 15 @ 9pm and Dec 3 @ 7pm.

Also check out these other awesome things: Naked City Audio, Scrap Iron Saints, The Mapes, Sector 7G, Lambs to Lions, The Rad Cats, Golden Palm, Primer

Watch out for Rape Cows. Cheers!

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Episode 29 – To Every Game, There is a Season…


Anthony and Scott talk about what they have been up to since their last recording. The main topic is about having a game group run different RPGs in what we have termed “Seasons”.

We talk about Dark Heresy, Descent (of course), Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition.

This is our July Episode. There are some things in the works for the August episode so stay tuned.


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Episode 28 – Nerd Mob Bosses

Holy Hell! Here we have the third appearance of Stephanie from Very Awesome Girls and the Vice-President of the organization, Cassie. We discuss the recent appearances and upcoming events that the Very Awesome Girls will be attending.

We also discuss the Comic Lush comic book club that was started several months ago and we get into a discussion about the comics Crossed and The Walking Dead as an example of what the meetings are like. The group meets monthly at the Stake Out on Maryland Parkway. Check out the FaceBook page for more details and to join up.

To accompany the usual smut, we also discuss Star Trek, The Simpsons new attraction at Universal Orlando, Ben Templesmith!, God, and how much Battlestar Galactica stinks.


Upcoming VAGINA Events: Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, Man Of Steel and Kick Ass 2 Midnight shows, The C4, Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival.

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Episode 27 – Caught in the Bullshit Timewarp

Will and I were already at my place talking and drinking so we decided to take it to the mics. We talk about the Dark Heresy RPG and how Will has developed as a Game Master. We also discuss Scott’s unhealthy obsession with Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition. We then talk about iOS games we have been playing and get into some general catching up and chatting. Comixology is great.

V.A.G.I.N.A. comes up as well. We like them.

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Episode 00 – A Brief Note

Just a quick update from Scott about the state of the show.

Get In Touch With Us!



Email: getgubarpodcast@gmail.com

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Episode 26 – Animal Foundation feat. Meghan Scheibe

An interview with Asia from Dark Moon Farm and Kennels, and Meghan from the Animal Foundation about their upcoming fund raisers.

Best in Show on April 28, 2013 at the Orleans Arena.

Paws for the Cause June 1, 2013 at Friendly Ford.

Meghan is a strong animal advocate and very passionate about the Foundation and the work it does in the community. We also discussed the philosophy and practice of the animal foundation and the unique challenges of being a Las Vegas animal shelter. Meghan and Asia were a pleasure to have on and we hope that they spark your interest in animal advocacy and rescue.

Links to things we discussed:

Animal Foundation Twitter and FacebookBest Friends Animal Sanctuary, Lied Shelter, Dewey Shelter, Paradise Ranch, Las Vegas Zoo, Sunrise Animal Hospital, Southern Nevada Pug Rescue

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Episode 25 – 3d6: PodFapping

In this Episode Scott interviews the Mighty 3d6 about their new album, song writing, punk rock, Heroclix, trading cards, and eating poo. The New album is called Space Fapping and is available in iTunes and Band Camp. You can also get CDs from the band at shows.

Their next show is April 27 with Nerf Herder at the Beauty Bar.

We mentioned several important things:

Very Awesome Girls into Nerdy Activities, Critical Care Comics, Odin’s Cock, L33t Ladies,

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Episode 24 – Descent: Journeys in The Dark 2e review

We start by talking about the show and the general feel and direction that we will be taking as we continue to record.

The we talk about Descent Second Edition and why we like it, what it does, and why it does it so well. We also gush about how great Fantasy Flight Games is.


Descent 2e Main Page

Fantasy Flight Games Main Page

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Episode 23 – The Great V.A.G.I.N.A. Expansion

Attention! The numbering system has changed on the Website and subsequently the RSS Feed. As a result, there will be a skip in Episode Number when you get this one. If you want the new numbering system, Unsubscribe and Resubscribe on iTunes or in your RSS reader.

In this episode we meet, once again, with the Mighty Stephanie Payne to talk about the Very Awesome Girls into Nerdy Activities.

We talk about the transformation of Nerd/Geek culture in Las Vegas. Stephanie proclaims Vegas to be the future Nerd Mecca. Here is a link to here TedX talk. Check it out!

We talk about a ton of stuff: 3d6 (particularly Dave), The Salt Fire Circus and Bare Bones Burlesque, Drunk Quest, Cosmic Comics, MaximuM Comics, Avatar Comics and Games, Battlezone Comics and Games, L33t Ladies, Blackbird Studios, Cupcake Girls, Walking Dead, LVL Up Expo, Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, Goodies.

We got chicken here: BFG Chicken Strips.

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Episode Numbering Noob Mistakes


When the newest episode drops on Sunday, there will be a gap in the numbering.

I have gone and re-ordered the episodes to reflect a change in how we are numbering them. Episodes that are not just regular Episodes (OtherGeek, etc.) will just be called Episode ## with the Sub-category next to it as part of the title.

This me a better accounting of how far into the Episodes we are and makes it far easier for me to track them. If you want to get the updates numbers in your feed or iTunes, just Unsubscribe then Resubscribe. I will eventually change how they appear in the RSS root feed, but that is several hours worth of painstaking work.

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